24 February 2010

Making an impression

Today me and Gino have been at the space try and get the sign sorted. We feel there is a need to embrace our surroundings, so it needs to be something, big, bold and brash! Our favourite idea so far is some nice big woodcut letters hanging above the window, but we'll have to see!

So far we have only left these hastily spray painted notices announcing our arrival. Granted, they are not the most visually appealing, but at least people know we are there!

Proper signage soon, promise!


Dear readers. We have recently got the keys off the landlord and things are set for our future exhibition. We had a meeting today about it and one main thing that we cleared up was the title of the first exhibition. The exhibition is going to be made up of pieces specific to the shops space, thats the plan anyway. The title, after several rounds of voting and 3 pages of possible titles to choose from, we decided to name our first exhibition, Bang Tidy.
The photos are of the inside of the space and what we have to work with. More information soon as there lots going on this week. The last is our temporary poster that we put up in the window.